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moderator of "meet the press" with us from our washington newsroom tonight. so, david, give us a viewer's guide to what we're seeing here. >> this is really an attempt by the obama campaign to talk about what it wants to talk about, and that is mitt romney's time as head of bain capital. why? because they would not like to talk about the jobs report right now and the tough economy. they want to talk about mitt romney as a very wealthy person who ran a venture capital firm and put the onus on him to explain whether he was involved in outsourcing of jobs, keep up the pressure about whether bain was exploiting workers and companies. really to make the case to middle class voters that mitt romney is not on their side and president obama is. that's the argument. that's why they want the attention here and why they'll focus on this period of time of just what mitt romney was doing when he was filing papers to the s.e.c. saying he was still the chairman even though he says as you just heard he had no operational involvement. >> all right. david gregory, we will look for you sunday morning on "
that joe's human. he's not the godly saint that some of us made him out to be, including myself. >> reporter: tonight a family spokesman issued a statement saying, joe paterno wasn't perfect. he made mistakes and he regretted them. meanwhile, lawyers for curley and schultz criticized the freeh report, calling it a lopsided document based on an incomplete report. brian? >> mike isikoff, state college, pa, tonight. thanks. >>> bob costas of nbc sports is already at our olympic headquarters in london preparing to host the olympic coverage on nbc. bob, the big question, i guess, is, what does this do to penn state, the program, the school, the brand, the aura of the nittany lions? >> well, the aura, the reputation, that's already been badly tarnished. i think even the most staunch loyalists realize something that can't be rationalized away occurred here. and then outside penn state, the reputation of the university has taken a very, very serious hit. the ncaa has a term that it sometimes uses when punishing schools for violations in their athletic departments, lack of institutional
in the managed index funds, gus, good to have you on the program, thank you for joining us on the program. >>> thank you. >> so we got the jobs numbers out on friday, the unemployment rate at 8.2%, the number of jobs created, another big disappointment. 80 thousand jobs, what did you expect? and what do you think it tells us about the economy right now. >> well, the adp number came out the day before, people were very excited about the number, which was up. in fact when the labor department number came out it was really off a little bit from where people had previously expected it to be, a little bit of disappointment. it didn't surprise us. we expected weakness throughout the summer, we think the economy will start to improve in the latter part of the year, perhaps the latter part of the third quarter and fourth quarter. >> and as the economy has gotten worse, the federal reserve says we will be there if more stimulus is needed. we saw global moves, the bank of england and china, what is your outlook on the global economy? and is it all up to the feds at this point? >> well, i think it n
, j.p. morgan's strategist, thank you for joining us. >>> thank you. >> what is your take on the earning season so far? tell me how your clients are viewing it and what people are doing with their money these days. >> okay, well, clients are nervous about money these days, they're hearing europe slowing, china, big announcements. it turned out to be a lot better than expected. if you look at sort of bottom line numbers, about 60% are beating on earnings. that is a really good statistic, but only from the% are beat -- 40% are beating on revenue and margins. >> why is it? >> slowing. >> do you still see a risk of partners, adversity, what are they doing? >> actually, i was just in boston this week, they are very, very cautious, they look at europe. they don't think things have improved. the fiscal cliff is a big discussion now. d china, they're frustrated because the stock market has continued to really push towards new highs. >> interesting, even though the backrop is what -- somewhat weak, the market is -- >> i think something that is a good leading into care, the last 20
in london. the first stop of his first overseas trip of this campaign season and a chance for us to sit down with the presumptive gop nominee. more on that in just a moment. >>> first again tonight our attention is focused on the aftermath and investigation in colorado. a huge development in the case today. something from the accused gunman himself that was sent before the shooting that if discovered earlier might have changed this story. it's where we begin, again, tonight with miguel alguer in aurora, colorado. miguel, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. a judge issued a gag order in this case, so police cannot publicly comment on the evidence they have received and gathered. law enforcement sources tell nbc news the suspect did mail a package which could become a valuable piece of evidence. senior law enforcement sources say accused gunman james holmes mailed the package here to the university of colorado medical center in aurora. the package is said to contain details writings about, quote, killing people. >> it's an important factor in assessing whether or not he was acting
a serious dispute and an acknowledgement by the u.s. that mistakes were made. nbc's jim miklaszewski joins us tonight from the pentagon with more. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, natalie. that bitter dispute exploded last november, when american air strikes mistakenly killed 24 pakistani troops. when the u.s. refused to apologize, pakistan closed down two critical supply lines into afghanistan. and vital shipments were backed up at the border. today those routes were reopen, when secretary of state hillary clinton told pakistan, we are sorry for the loss of pakistani forces. u.s. officials insist this was not an apology, but it was good enough for pakistan. those routes supply american troops with just about everything they need to survive, and will be just as critical to ending the war. they're the same routes american forces will take to withdraw from afghanistan over the next two years. natalie? >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon for us tonight, thank you. >>> the fda has approved a new over the counter test for hiv that can be used at home, and gets results in about a ha
be too big for us to solve with simple solutions and drastic measures will come. >> reporter: a scranton public works employee says he's already taken drastic action, dipping into precious savings, after watching his pay drop from $900 every two with weeks to about $340 last payday. >> we bust our chops every day. and you kind of just expect the pay. you know, you expect your wages. this is something that shouldn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: the mayor here says the situation is so dire, he's proposed a 78% property tax hike over four years, something residents here certainly don't want to hear about. in the meantime, unions try to keep up the pressure in court for their full pay and what the city now owes them in back wages. brian? >> ron allen starting us off tonight in scranton, pennsylvania. as we mentioned, this tough economy is what was on voter's minds today. as both president obama and mitt romney campaigned in key battlegrounds. white house correspondent kristen welker with us tonight traveling with the president, cedar rapids, iowa. kristen, good evening. >> reporter: good
exceptions are major league baseball and my parent company, nbc. baseball brought us and the mlb app allowing you incredible access to any game, any time. nbc and its partners created hulu, the popular online television service. perhaps the only time a big media company didn't completely screw up its internet offerings. those two efforts, baseball and hulu, have one thing or one person in common. >> maybe ahead of its time. >> on the team at mlb and the first ceo of hulu. with two major wins behind him, the next effort is manila. an online service helping consumers pay bills, any bill, online instead of through the mail. george is a recovering attorney who has been working in digital media for years now and joined by us. so why do large organizations get it so wrong on the internet so often? >> well, i don't know why they get it wrong. >> because you got it right. that's why you don't know why they get it wrong. >> i think when you start with great content, i think it should be difficult to get it wrong. >> but they do. >> but they do sometimes. i think if you have great content and
of nbc sports. he's with us tonight. dan, this has a mighty casey aspect about it. though you in the trade, you guys who follow swimming year-round, knew lochte to be number one in the sport. it still is going to come as quite a drama to the folks joining us and watching this tonight. >> absolutely, brian. this is one race the 400 im, the most grueling of the races. and essentialological amichael phelps didn't start training seriously until a few months ago. lochte has been considered the best swimmer in the world for quite some time now. everybody's used to phelps winning gold medals, let alone off the podium. it was pretty surreal. >> and dan, the two will meet again, i understand, thursday. both of them have individual races, and a lot of them in the days to come? >> they will. they have three more individual events to go. it will be very interesting to see how michael phelps bounces back. they'll be head-to-head we expect. but michael phelps just barely made it into the 400 im by .04 of a second. but he's a great olympic champion, the best of all-time. i expect him to boun
campaign. peter alexander covers the campaign for us. he's traveling with the candidate here in london to start us off. boy, this got interesting in a hurry. >> sometimes a small thing can turn into a big deal, brian, especially overseas. mitt romney certainly did not expect this when he planned his trip to london and now on the eve of the opening ceremony he spent the day on the defensive. it wasn't the cheering british welcome mitt romney was hoping for. >> mitt romney has turned on the charm during his visit to britain by questioning the country's ability to host the olympic games. >> reporter: but the message that he wanted to get out on this trip has been obscured. >> if he is here to make a friend he's got a funny way of showing it. >> reporter: criticism exploded on newspaper headlines. "the guardian," the times." "the telegraph" fired off this commentary. mitt romney is perhaps the only politician that could start a trip that was supposed to be a charm offensive by being utterly devoid of charm and mildly offensive. touring the olympic park in london this morning prime minister
with us here in the studio. >> picture this inside job. a meeting in damascus this morn morning of the top officials there to discuss how to continue to crackdown, how to keep the rebels from advancing on damascus, when suddenly, the room explodes. it is just a sign of how little control the government still has, and a sign that this could be one of the final stages in this conflict. government troops fight to retain control of damascus after an attack that has shaken the regime and raised doubts about its survival. buildings in the capital smoldered, in fighting so intense the army had to call in helicopters. this just hours after state television announced that a bomb exploded wednesday morning during a national security meeting killing at least the defense minister, his deputy who was also president assad's feared brother-in-law, and the vice president. more than a dozen others in the meeting were reportedly injured, perhaps killed. it is unclear if president assad was there. the government isn't saying. >> it is part of the conflict. >> reporter: assad has not been seen publicly since
massacres in u.s. history. well, tonight we've learned much more about how he lived, where he lived, and how it was he purchased an arsenal. we also learned today that gun sales are spiking in colorado in the aftermath of this shooting. while far to the east in washington today, the house of representatives stood still for a time. a moment of silence for the victims in colorado. one member of congress from colorado said, since she's been in congress, there have been 23 moments of silence for various victims of gun violence. she asked how many more there need to be until something is done. we begin our reporting tonight with nbc's mike taibbi in centennial, colorado. mike, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. it has happened in other cities where there have been horrible episodes of gun violence. gun sales and permit applications are soaring now. and also today, some questions. how did james holmes pay for the arsenal police say he put together in the months before the massac? >> is there anything i can do for you? >> reporter: at the rocky mountain guns and ammo shop in aurora, ow
not updated his own. do you own an ipod? >> i do have a cell phone. >> and tom brokaw tells us about billy fisk, an american olympic champion with a lot of fans here in great britain because of something he did during the darkest hours of world war ii. >>> also tonight, a week after the tragedy in colorado, the lessons that a terrible massacre might have taught us all. >> at the end of this, this could be hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars. >> for one patient? >> for one patient. >> that and more as "rock center" gets under way from london. good evening. we are coming to you tonight from tower bridge in london as we prepare to cover the start of the summer olympic games. our preview begins a bit later on in this hour because we begin back home tonight with the tragedy that americans just can't shake -- the awful massacre at that movie theater in aurora, colorado. it was exactly a week ago tonight, in fact. 12 dead, 58 wounded and a dozen people are still in the hospital. and this is where the colorado tragedy merges with another story we have covered so much. many
in spectacular style as our viewers in the u.s. are about to see. what we can show you concerning what's already transpired, the interesting choice of the same front page photos by the newspapers here, part of the pyro technics show in the stadium tonight. we can show you this much. the broadcast features an unusual james bond moment and a first for the queen of england who let's just say makes a rather dramatic entrance. now, tomorrow in the light of day, londoners will wake up in full olympics mode. tonight an estimated 1 billion people will watch these games kick off. a spectacular global show followed by the parade of nations. nbc's chris jansing is in the olympic village tonight to start things off for us tonight. chris, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, brian. the long wait is finally over. athletes from 240 nations are here to compete for 906 medals including more than 500 athletes from team usa. i just saw them walking into the stadium as i was coming over here. and out on the streets of london today the excitement was palatable. big ben rang in the big day in london. and f
see the barricade right here. this is as close as they are allowing us to get. now you can also see people standing in their driveways. folks who live here are not being allowed to go out on to the sidewalk, on the streets. he have one here is hoping to get a glimpse of the presidential motorcade when it arrives. >> to visit us in piedmont is a wonderful thing. because we are obama people. >> reporter: piedmont residents say they couldn't be more excited that president barack obama is coming to their neighborhood for a $38,000 aplate frazer at the home of big time democratic campaign donors, wayne jordan and quinn delaney. >> whatever your political stripe is, you have to be happy that obama has come to the bay area. he is thinking about us. and even though it is a money stop, it's great. >> reporter: as bomb sniffing dogs swept the couple's house preparing for the president's arrival, president obama touched down at the oakland international airport where oakland mayor jean began and barbara lee greeted him before he headed to a location near lake merritt for a roundtable talk with
went up $2 to $64. the pass still costs less than all but one of the top ten u.s. cities with similar transportation systems. boston is the only city with a less expensive monthly pass at $59. leaders say the increases are part of a plan to keep fare and fee hikes small and predictable. >> last decade, our board made a decision to increase fares incrementally and not all at once in a large sum. this, we felt, would be an easier burden for our customers and those throughout the city. so this is something when he to do. you know, we want to make this as easy as possibility for our customers. >> the price for a regular one-time ticket is still $2. >>> and they're not the only agency raising fares. cal-train is increasing fairs by 25 cents. the move is meant to encourage customers to use electronic clipper passes, which are not facing a fare increase. if at least half of riders are using those by march, paper tickets will go up again by next july. b.a.r.t. is putting the last of its inflation increases into effect as well. >>> speaking of b.a.r.t., service was shut down for almost an hour
winners for the u.s., many of them with us along with a big crowd of fans. >> you get the feeling the olympic park is now open to the public, if you missed that. the swimmers are dominating, winning eight medals in the first two days. gold was won by dana vollmer. savannah was there and got her reaction after the race. that had to be exciting. >> yes. my voice is hoarse from screaming so loud. she did so great, broke a world record. we'll catch up with her. and the men's gymnastics team have never won team all-around in a nonboycotted games. they are entering tonight in first place. and that surprise drama on the women's side with jordyn wieber is coming up. >> also, a woman you may have seen during the opening ceremony making headlines worldwide. we are not talking about the queen, but the mustry woman who crashed the parade of nations walking right alongside the indian flag bearer. details on who she is and how she ended up in the stadium that night. >> and later on, if there were a gold medal for humiliation, we'll know who won it. today at the track to try the olympic sport of
guarantee partial funding for next year. >> it's not good enough for us. the mistake was made by the foun daks and i feel there needs to be accountability to sustain the $2.2 million that was lost by error. >> our focus is on multi-year funding. we have some very good possibilities there. and one application that's already pending. >> the lost federal grant money would have paid for the next five years of the program. >>> right now, police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who crashed into two homes in east palo alto today, just stopping inches from a sleeping baby just after 5:00 this morning. the family woke up to find a black cadillac inside their bedroom. the car hit one house and sent bricks flying into the window before crashing into the side of a garage that had been converted into a bedroom in a second home. a mother, a 2-month-old baby and 3-year-old son were sleeping as the car came crashing in. >> the bassinet was kind of thrown on me. she was screaming. my son was screaming. they're both fine, though. and my little brother actually had to break the door down to get us out.
expect there will be crowds lining up behind us for the next couple of weeks. you're starting to feel the excitement in the air. >> it's a great location. you get the lay of the land. that big white thing, that's savannah's trailer. better known as the olympic stadium. the observation tower. the aquatic center. >> amazing. >> you asked me to store your hair and makeup. >> we're going to spend a lot of time in these places over the next couple of weeks. >> yeah. >> makes it real being here now. >> it does. also the pomp and pageantry is already underway this morning. the famed big ben chimed nonstop for 3 minutes to celebrate the first official day of the olympic games. right now a big crowd has gathered at tower bridge awaiting the arrival of the olympic torch to sail by on the queen's barge. the question is whose hands will it be in. matt lauer, we're looking at you. you know. >> you're looking in the wrong place. >> i think it was barry gold water that said i'm not a good leaker. >> we'll work on it. >> we'll pry it out of you or meredith. >> obviously a very big date for britain an
-mart and shawn mohler using the internet to draw the biggest fans to small town, illinois. our reporters, wired. that's this week on "press: here." well, good morning, everyone. the word wal-mart conjures up any number of images. it can mean low prices or a certain socioeconomic position. what wal-mart is behind the scenes anyway is one of the most innovative companies in america. it's this man who's doing the innovating. the head of wal-mart labs. now, his office in silicon valley look nothing like a wal-mart. in fact, the closest wal-mart retail store is 17 miles away, across the san francisco bay in oakland. but it's here where roger rahman thinks of the future of retailing, particularly online. now, he has his work cut out for him. wal-mart may be the biggest retailer in the real world, but amazon is the biggest retailer online. amazon's success thanks in large part to roger hman. he's a former amazon executive. his ideas are behind much of that company's success. rahman sold his latest company to wal-mart which is how he finds himself in the latest position. he's one of the earliest invest
's july 10th. we are so glad you're with us today. >> how are you? >> you know what you're looking like? like you're getting ready for the olympics. i know you're not wearing ralph lauren, but it's that look. it's going to be crisp. >> i don't know if you recall, but you and i have been banned from the olympic games. >> actually, we'll start a whole thing on our facebook. >> about what? >> because people want to see you at the olympics, don't you? i personally am far too busy with important things, but i think hoda needs to go, doggone it. she needs to go and represent egypt at the olympics. >> what's the point? >> we need you guys to go to our facebook. we want thousands to go to say yes we need us some hoda. >> why am i going? what am i doing? >> what do you mean? you can get in trouble for two weeks. i'm thinking about you. i'm concerned about you with that much time off. you never had it in your life. >> i know. does this mean to go and work or have fun? >> no. you're going to work. we want your suggestions. >> what a nice way to begin. all right. let's move on to the tom cruise and
after the opening ceremony but actually began today for some competitors. for example, in soccer the u.s. women take on france today, that's a highly anticipated match. by the way, take a look at the aquack tight centre, one of the great venues over in olympic park and take a look at ryan lochte, one of the stars of the u.s. team getting a little warm-up action in over there. so things are really heating up. >> talk about heating up, there's going to be a fierce competition in the pool from ryan lochte and michael phelps. they will face off as soon as this week. speaking of ryan, another ryan joining us, our special correspondent ryan seacrest will give us the scoop at the aquatic centre. >> we'll be checking out another standout from the u.s. swim team, missy franklin, the 17-year-old known as the missile. she could swim away with seven medals in london. exciting to watch her as well. >> of course, the mayor of london, boris johnson, is quite a character. he's here playing it cool. he's going to be chatting with you a little bit. welcome all of us and welcome the world. >> he's been wor
prosecutors say global drug giant glaxo smith kline pushed the sales force to push hard even for uses not federally approved. >> who wants to be a millionaire? >> reporter: today the company admitted its sales force bribed doctors to prescribe its drugs by offering such incentives as hawaiian vacations and tickets to madonna concerts. all part, the government says, of a range of misbehavior that resulted today in the largest fine ever paid by a drug company, $3 billion. >> this historic action is a clear warning to any company that chooses to break the law. >> reporter: here is some of what the company admitted doing -- promoting the use of its antidepressant paxil for children even though studies failed to show it worked for them, failing to warn that the diabetes drug could cause heart attacks and claiming unapproved uses for another antidepressant wellbutrin by saying it could help patients lose weight and overcome sexual problems. >> hired a public relations firm to create a buzz about getting skinny and how you could have more sex simply by using this drug. >> reporter: today the
from aurora later tonight. kate snowe has been on the scene since friday and she joins us to lead our coverage of the theater shooting. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you lester from aurora, colorado where the investigation into the suspect james holmes has taken several new turns but tonight this focus here in this field behind me where a vigil is being held is on the victims of this senseless tragedy. 12 people killed, 58 more wounded. at this hour 24 remain in the hospital, nine of them in critical condition. tonight the president is mourning along with the families who suffered overwhelming loss. miguel, good evening. >> the president has arrived here in aurora to meet with first responders and the victims. the vigils here are growing larger as the community comes together. ♪ >> reporter: on a day of prayer and reflection a community torn apart by violence comes together. >> lots of us, maybe all of us, keep asking why. >> reporter: today they remember the victims. >> john larimer. >> eventually you get the spirit to go on but we'll never forget. >> reporter: the sor
of science. what does it tell us about our world? >>> all charged up. a ride on america's electric highway. what they are doing in oregon could change things for the whole nation down the road. >>> and a new home and new life for a national treasure. what may be the greatest battleship ever to hit the high seas. battleship ever to hit the high seas. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york. this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening, i'm kate snow in for brian tonight. on this fourth of july, america is celebrating with parades, cookouts and fireworks. but for many across the nation, this independence day is different. in some states that are tinder dry, there will be no fireworks. in parts of 10 states, today is all about sweating it out without air conditioning, without any electricity at all as crews spend the holiday working to get the power back on after deadly storms. we have it all covered tonight beginning with the extreme heat. nbc's john yang is in chicago. good evening
and especially from the aurora police department to this incident. i want to thank the u.s. attorney's offense and attorney general's office for their support. with this many victims, we have two concerns. one is providing information that they need and providing resources that they need. we will at this point in time victims should be contacting the aurora police department and they should be looking for resources on the aurora police department website. as the case goes to court next week, they can contact -- we have set up a contact e-mail account so that we can get information out as quickly as possible. we also have resources available on our website and i want to say that the aurora mental health center has agreed to stay open 24 hours a day for this weekend. people may find now and they may have a problem tomorrow. they may have a problem next week. they may have a problem several months down the line, but they should seek some counseling or resources if they've been victims. it's to be expected. if there are financial issues, that should not stop them. they should contact us for financ
legally in the past three months. those weapons were used in this shooting in aurora. >> we tracked down holmes' uncle in caramel. kimber kimberly? >> reporter: his uncle this came as a surprise to him as well and still seems surreal. we talked to holmes, he says he only knew his nephew when they would occasionally see each other during the holidays. they weren't very close, despite them having the same name. we were able to talk to him briefly. he did not want to talk to us on camera, but this is what else he had to say. the the uncle of 24-year-old james holmes, the suspect in the deadly shooting in colorado, did not want to talk to us on camera, telling nbc bay area, he's still trying to come to terms with what happened. despite holmes being the uncle's name sake, he says they were not close an only say each other sometimes during the holidays. holmes' uncle describes the student as an unassuming guy who the family calls jimmy. he says he found out about the shooting through an early morning phone call and says he has talked to his mothbrother, father of the suspect. holmes' uncle see
been up here on higala highland lane all day long. this is as close as they're allowing us to get to the crime scene. you can see a sheriff's deputy has positioned himself on the roadway. hes keeping people from going to the scene. investigators are searching evidence at a home we have been told is owned by 49er linebacker aldon smith. nbc bay area has learned that smith was stabbed during a party he was hosting at his house last night. two other people were hit by gunfire. sheriff's deputies say all three victims received non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to recover. the santa clara county sheriff's department tells us they got a 911 call just after 2:00 this morning. they arrived to an extremely chaotic and hectic scene. they say there was about 100 people there at the party, many of them trying to leave when investigators arrived. they quickly discovered that three people had been injured, but they say nobody at the party knew who was responsible, and so far they have no suspects. a neighbor described what he saw and heard. >> lots of shots about 2:00 in the mornin
on her shoulders. she was labeled the next big thing in u.s. swimming. and so far she's delivered. >> and you and i were there. we watched her win gold. i had no idea you could scream that loud. >> you know, it's very exciting. we were sitting just down at the end of the pool. when you see that number one go up to missy's name, it's a great moment. >> it was so exciting. chenabed gold and set an american record in the 100 meter backstroke. this is the second medal for her in these games. and hoda kotb, who has made her way to london, talked to missy right after the race. she was eve therein when franklin reunited with her parents for the first time in weeks. we'll have that touching moment straight ahead and missy's mom and dad will be with us as well. >> also, let's not leave out the men. we mentioned they took gold and silver in the men's 100 meter backstroke. and those two athletes are here with us as well. congratulations to them. we'll talk to them in a second. and tonight, ryan lochte looks to get back to his winning ways in the men's 4 x 200 meter free relay later this morn
the bread basket, the section of the u.s. that feeds its share of the world, is burning up right now. the worst conditions they've seen since 1956. the governor of illinois says his state has never seen anything like this. he calls it a disaster of epic proportions. over one-third of the u.s. corn crop is in big trouble. over half the country is now affected. the problem is forecasters can't point to any rain on the way. it is where we begin this evening with nbc's kevin tibbles in walker, iowa tonight. kevin, good evening. >> reporter: brian, this is corn country and it is parched. these would usually be fully formed ears of corn by now. in this state they're pretty much worthless. and farmers at the grain elevator behind me in walker say they know their yields are going to be way down this year. many are starting to wonder whether they'll get any crop in at all. many farmers are throwing up their hands and looking to the heavens. >> we've done all we can do and it's up to the good lord to supply the water and send it on time. >> reporter: more than half the country, 55%, is now in
next to water. >> reporter: and the price of corn affects almost everything. >> we use corn as a feed for livestock, as a feed for poultry. so when the price of corn goes up, that pushes up the price of just about everything that we buy at the supermarket. >> reporter: and lots of other corn products we buy too, from crayons to car tires to shampoo and make-up. the consumer will pay the price. >> at this particular time, with a weak economy, a weak job market and weak wage gains, any increase in price is something that's going to hurt more than it normally would. >> reporter: but for now, life on the farms of america's heartland is just plain tough. life for many farmers as they sit and watch their crops dry up, all they can do is look to the heavens and pray for rain. but, brian, for many of them, rain just isn't coming. >> what a sad story there for those family farms. kevin tibbles in waterloo, iowa tonight. >>> for more on the worst of it, where it's headed next, eric fisher is with us from washington, d.c., tonight where, by the way, the temperature reached a high this afternoon
for the long time u.s. alley run by the muslim brotherhood candidate. a potentially sticky situation for the united states. we get our report tonight from nbc's correspondent in cairo. >> reporter: a scene unimaginable 18 months ago. the u.s. secretary of state seated next to the newly elected islamist president of egypt. the u.s. is watching what happens here very closely. egypt is facing a power struggle between the new president and the muslim brotherhood and the country's military reluctant to give up power. >> democracy is hard and it requires dialogue and compromise and real politics. >> reporter: for 30 years, the u.s. supported hosni mubarak and showered its military with billions of dollars of aid. in return, egypt became a stauch american ally in a region that upheld an up popular peace treaty with israel. now the u.s. is promising to support democracy. even if it means bringing into power islam's political parties who have been for years washington's strongest critics. >> we believe america's shared strategic interests with egypt far outnumber our differences and we know t
-- now she is apparently in scotland. in her concert she uses fake guns as props. >> right. during one of the numbers. >> okay. this isn't actually from her concert but this is the idea of what she does. >> not just her, but it's her backup singers. >> right. i guess the concert organizers asked her in light of what happened in colorado and other things not to use the fake weaponry. >> out of respect for the victims of the massacre. >> yes. and we have a quote from somebody. >> we don't believe it was from liz, her official -- >> but a member of the staff told the huffington post -- her entire career she has fought against people telling her what she can and cannot do and she is not going to start listening to them now. >> so we'd love to know what you think. >> they say it's part of her art. >> i understand the whole artistic concept that you want freedom, but at the same time we are all on this planet together. she talks a lot about peace and talks about through her kabala loving one another. sometimes you have to put your own personal will down for the greater good of the planet and
families, which brings us to our first story here tonight. it's about a cruise ship, the "costa concordia," that remains on those rocks off the coast of italy for six months now. it's about what we now know happened that night. but it's also about all cruise ships and anyone who's ever considered a trip on one. harry smith, who covered the initial disaster, is back tonight to show us in the murky world of fine print for travelers that ship isn't the only thing that remains submerged. >> you can see the stone, there's a big rock lodged in the hull. >> reporter: look at the size of that. >> reporter: six months ago we were at the scene of the "costa concordia" wreck. captain jim fee, an american who has sailed these waters, told us what had to happen. >> how bad was the judgment of the captain of the ship who sailed so close by this island? >> completely irresponsible. it's something he has to be severely punished and condemned for. >> reporter: the ship still lies there as if the tragedy happened yesterday. for many who were on board memories of that night of chaos are just as immediate. >
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. >> it took 22 years to change the u.s. laws to allow people to come to our country without declaring this hiv status. >> with the obama administration finally geoff turning that -- it will take place later this month in w washington. after 30 years we finally feel like we have the courage to turn an the aides epidemic it. the findings last year where it turned out that treatment works with prevention of -- >> reporter: perhaps the most talked about subject will be the search for a cure. it comes after a recent revolution that a bay area man was reportedly cured of aides. >> now whether we can do it with a pill, or a transplant, that's the question. >> researchers caution that a cure is still likely decades away, but today's conference comes at a turning point in the fight against a disease that kills people every year. still ahead here at 6:00, a new law becomes officially today, one that affects people with autism. we'll have details on how it will help. >>> also a rap icon's company buys an east bay business, the first of its kind move designed to enhance your music listening experience. >>
>>> right now at 5:00, predictive policing. cash strapped cities using the same technology seismologists use to predict crime. >> location is everything. police say they're using it to their advantage. fewer officers on the streets, departments are using something they claim can predict where crime will happen. new at 11:00, george kitriyama joins us from a hotspot. >> reporter: we're in one those so-called hotspots. a shopping center here on morgan hill, in the past two weeks they've had an armed robbery and car break in. they're keeping an eye on this area, using this predictive technology hoping to catch the crooks. >> this is the prediction of where the crime's going to occur. >> reporter: the red box you see on the screen is called a hotspot, a place where a previous crime took place. >> this is where we need to be, in this box. >> reporter: the technology is called thread pole will a krip fighting software used in santa cause and los angeles. >> now we're just going to be able to -- the police are going to know to go out there and to look for those individuals. any su
to us, it really brings it home. >> reporter: diane banister is the owner of a website where models from all over the world post photos of themselves which they can sell to fans. carley richards posed for a photo shoot in colorado before going to the theater. >> i'm looking forward to that photo set that she submits to us. but at the same time, it's just a profoundly sad thing. the clothes that she was wearing in that photo shoot that she did that day for our site, she won't retrieve again. >> reporter: banister was moved enough to pay richards' medical bills and start a fund-raising everett efforts to help other vicks of the shooting. >> we filled out the remainder amount that they claim they need to make sure that she gets all of those needs met, including psychological care going forward. >> reporter: richards, hospitalized the night of the shooting, will be okay. and what happened to her will now, thanks to a bay area ceo, help other families affected. in addition to having the outfit she wore during the photo shoot now entered as evidence, she blogged about how she wore a t-shirt fr
talk that u.s. athletes got from the first lady. >>. >>> new details on a suspicious device found near at&t park today. in the last two hours the authorities gave the all-clear. construction crews dug up an artillery shell in the mission bay neighborhood. here's the picture of the ordnance found at 3rd street and mariposa and transported to an area across from at&t park. two buildings and two house boats were evacuated and two streets were closed. officials from travis air force base determined there was no powder in the shell. so it was not dangerous. there will be no impact to the giants game tonight. >>> we also have some breaking news right now just in the past few minutes, a decision on the fate of the south bay's newest casino. arturo santiago is live in san jose with the late breaking developments. arturo? >> reporter: it's been a waiting game for most of the day, but we did just receive a few minutes ago with a spokesman with the casino that the owners of casino m8trix have received final approval from the chief of police. this whole process started about five years ago when th
matthews is off this week. welcome to the show. with us today, dan rather, gloria borger, kathleen parker and david ignatius. first up, the tragedy in denver came at the end of a week that was notable for how small and petty the campaign was getting and only seemed to highlight the smallness. dan, look, you have been through a lot of these rodeos. looking back at the last week of politics, it was awful. and then friday happens and all the campaigns started acting responsibly again. >> but that won't last long. this does perspective, this puts this into perspective. it signals to us once again just how bland and mostly irrelevant the campaign rhetoric has been. yes, the initial responses were on the news, that won't last very long. >> gloria, look, these are moments and sometimes they're outside and they have a long lasting impact. we think they will. the president has to play consoler and chief. mitt romney and the response to this. >> you look to presidents to be the national pastor at times like this. i mean, i remember bill clinton for example, oklahoma city and you kind of warm with t
, the olympic dream continues for five women who earned a spot to represent the u.s. gymnastics team. how they're peopling about all the pressure. >>> a group of high school kids working at facebook. we'll show you thousand they landeds summer jobes there. >>> and a live look over san jose on monday morning. we'll check that forecast with christina loren. the news at 11:00 s.t.a.r.t.s now. >>> good monday morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. happening right now, closing arguments are under way in the case of a south bay man charged with assaulting a priest who he says abused him as a child. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in san jose with the latest from the courtroom. bob, good morning. snoosh good morning, marla. the prosecution wrapping up, delivering its statement by power point presentation. it will d.a. employed the jury to find will lynch guilty in the assault of father jerry lindner in spite of of the sympathy the jury might have for him. while it's natural to feel bad for lynch who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the priest as a 7-year-old, they can't use tha
using. >> i don't think she did any of them. >> i'll say true. >> i'll say false. the answer is false. betsy ross did not sew nor design the first flag. >> francis hopkinson of new jersey, one of the signers of the declaration of independence. that shows you, if you don't get stuff right early on, the internet gets stuff and gets going and you never know the truth. >> this was before the internet. >> poor florence! >> you want to play dirty, let's go. >> true or false, in the 180 1800s -- you know when that was. >> i've been told by frank. go ahead. >> commercial advertisements were allowed to be printed on the american flag. >> that has to be false. i bet it's true. >> i'm going with true. >> until 1905? >> you could advertise on the flag. >> that seems like defamation to me. >> american flags with only 13 stars are still considered official american flags. i will go with true because i know it's false. what's the answer? true. >> oh, hoda, you're hot today. >> 13 star flags have been in use since 1777. >> why? >> i don't know. now for the tiebreaker. true or false, there was no offi
. he wasn't really comfortable speaking to us on camera, but he did tell us a few things including that he found out about the shooting through a telephone call very early this morning and he says he was very surprised. the uncle of 24-year-old james holmes a suspect in the deadly movie theater shooting in colorado describes his nephew as an unassuming guy the family calls jimmy. he did not want to go on camera, but holmes' uncle told nbc bay area, as far as he knew holmes was working and there was nothing that sent up red flags. despite being holmes name sake, he saw james when he visited carmel. the father of the suspect flew to colorado where his son is in custody. the uncle told us this all seems surreal and his family is just trying to come to terms with it. live in carmel, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> so many people across the country are impacted by the store, more than 1,000 miles away from the massacre, people in san diego are stunned. >> reporter: here in the suspect's family home in san diego, it has been a bit of a revolving door, from friends to police to supp
in on the action and i don't mean meredith vieira, although she will be joining us this morning. i can't wait to see you guys as you get on a plane and arrive here tomorrow morning for your big debut. are you ready? >> yes, i am packed you will know, and have my tea and crumpets ready, as we are excited to come to london. >> all right. we are looking forward to it. let me tell you why just ahead you will see a lot of the royal family at the games. william, kate, and even queen elizabeth say they are full will behind team britain and one of them will try to be at one of the events everyday and we will track down american swimmer michael locte, and he is michael phelps biggest come ppetitor, a we we will talk to him. and also, meredith will talk to us about why this is the game of the women. >> all right. we will check in with you in a little bit. and now a new twist for the missing cousins in iowa and the newest judge on "american idol" is mariah carey. we will get into that story, but we want to begin with the news of james holmes who is the man accused of the movie massacre in colorado frida
skate rink where kristi yamaguchi perfected her style. nbc bay area's mary ann favro has more to tell us about the fight to save it. >> reporter: the owners of this mall want to tear this ice rink down and put in more stores. but thousands of skaters who use this rink says the community needs recreation much more than retail. >> ice chalet in san mateo is a rink on the brink of closing. the sbi holdings says it will not renew the ice center's lease when it expires in may. instead, it wants to tear down the rink and put up more lucrative retail stores. 8-year-old says that hurts more than falling on hard ice. >> i think it's very sad. >> reporter: why? >> because i love ice skating a lot. >> reporter: so do a lot of other people. the rink is open from dawn until 1:00 in the morning, offering everything from camps to adult ice hockey leagues. each year more than 150,000 people lays up to glide or at least try to on this ice. >> as a mom, i can tell you there are not a lot of things for kids of any age to do or things that i can do with my kids. this rink means so much to so many people tha
reform law. nbc's brian mooar joins us from washington with the latest on this. brian, good morning. >> good morning, lynn. the house is heading forward for what looks like a show vote, but for the republicans, it's an important show in this election year. >> the gentle lady yields back her time. the gentleman from florida's recognized. >> reporter: house republicans head back into battle today against president obama's healthcare reform law. >> they would make you believe that it's all free, but it's not. it's going to cost somebody, and that's going be the american citizen. >> reporter: the house is brushing aside the supreme court decision upholding the law and senate democrats sure to shoot down any repeal. the senate is already looking ahead to the next big battleground, overextending the bush era tax cuts. >> the economic consequences of taking more money from successful people. >> reporter: senate republicans are pushing back on president obama's call to extend the cuts for one year, but only for those making less than $250,000 a year. >> let's not hold the vast majority of a
established the u.s. navy as a force to be reckoned with. >>> finally, thousands of fans gathered in los angeles for the it 1st annual animae expo. they went to concerts and dressed up as their favorite characters. celebrating that craze that first started in japan. >>> now, for a look at the national regional weather, here' nbc meteorologist bill karins with the forecast. bill's marcing it on his calendar as we speak, right, you and me next year, animae expo. >> i would check it out. it sounds fascinating. the pictures, the people. >> you would dress up as? >> i don't know. we'd have to work on that one. >> the guy with the horse head. >> yeah. either you go all in or you don't do it at all. good morning, everyone. incredible heat, incredible storms. we continue in the same weather pattern. it's not changing across the country. the heat wave, the record-setting heat wave peeked over the weekend. we saw high temperatures in the 100s from st. louis all the way to columbia, south carolina. there was one spot that hit 113 degrees. if that verifies at the weather center, that will be the hot
right behind us where we watched the opening ceremony and where the olympic flame is burning tonight. we begin the broadcast, however, far from here inside a courtroom in colorado, in fact. a state still trying to climb back and get stronger every day after witnessing one of the worst mass shootings in american history. whether the gunman was sane when he took all of those lives is something yet to be decided. for now he has been hit with a slew of charges including first-degree murder and this could be a death penalty case. our report tonight from nbc's mike taibbi in centennial, colorado. >> reporter: there was no camera in the courtroom today just a sketch artist but 24-year-old suspect james holmes so dazed and unengaged last week was alert and attentive as the judge told him he faced 142 separate felony charges. that includes two death penalty counts, one for first-degree murder after deliberation and a second for murder with extreme indifference for each of the 12 victims killed. >> these are two alternative ways of getting a first-degree murder guilty verdict. >> reporter: but som
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